Guide: Register deposits

When you have signed in to Loomis Customer Portal, press Deposits > Choose Deposit Slip from the dropdown menu.

Loomis Deposit slip

Do the following:

  1. Deposit ID: Fill in the number from the deposit bag, 12 digits.
  2. Date: Select the date for your deposit
  3. Reference: If this field isn’t pre-filled, type in your reference number.
  4. Department, Employee ID and Signature: These fields are non-obligatory
  5. Banknotes: Type in the number of each denomination under Quantity. The total amount is calculated automatically.
  6. Coins: Type in the total amount of coins in the “Mynt blandede” field.
  7. Save: Click the save-button.

When the deposit slip has been saved, you can no longer make any changes. If you have made mistakes, please move the cash over to a new deposit bag and register the new bag correctly. The old bag that had mistakes will be deleted automatically after a while.

The bags are to be packed according to the following guidelines:

  • The notes must be as smooth and straight as possible.
  • The notes must not have any paper clips, elastic bands or folds
  • When you have registered your bag electronically, placing a physical deposit slip in the bag is unnecessary
  • The slip on top of the bag should be torn off and stored by the customer. This slip contains proof of the deposit ID that may be used in case of any inquiries regarding the bag
  • Your deposit history will show you all registered bags, should you need to control the deposit slip later on.

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